How many kids are nine years old to dream of being a butcher? And this is a girl! .. Semrah Dogan, who realized this dream, is now the 'number one' of the Meat Co restaurant chain. The new addiction of the society is the "Butcher Woman" Semrah Doğan.


Women Butcher's meat is new passion society
There are some stories, it gives hope to people. "The tree leans when it is old" ... "Employee wins" ... When these words are not just cliché, but they find meaning in life, human beings are happy for the hero of the story and for the whole society, they have stronger hope for the future. Here is such a story ... Semrah Dogan who calls him a woman butcher is one of the new phenomena in Istanbul. Everyone from Leyla Alaton to Ebru Gokcek nowadays is looking for her delicacies. Famous basketball player Mehmet Okur, Erbakan Malkoc, Can Bonomo, Öykü Karayel, Kadir İnanır, Semih Erden and Pınar Altuğ are among the goers. He wanted to be a butcher since he started to know himself. Around, "Will the butcher be a woman?" her passion is riveted. His career as a butcher began at the age of nine years after Kadıköy Bazaar and extended to Bağdat Street. Social media, patrons with the influence of meat and meticulousness formed. Nusr-Et'in co-founder Mithat Erdem's self-identifying orders from his career has evolved further. It's now 'a number' of Meat Co restaurant chains!
Working since childhood
I'm 33 years old. I have an eight-year-old daughter. I had an unfortunate marriage. I woke up quickly and took my daughter. He did not want to take responsibility for the child. I was born in Ardahan. I'm from a family of eight children. My family moved to Istanbul when I was five. I've been working since the first time I remembered myself. I've never taken school fees. There was an old couple in our neighborhood in Ümraniye. When I was only seven, I sold ice cream. I used to sell something, trade on my own. But if you remember then, butchers would go around neighborhoods and sell meat. In front of your eyes, they gave the amount of cuts you wanted. I've been wandering around while I've been around the neighborhood. My mother blushed for being home late.

I wanted so much, but it didn't. My job as a chauffeur, teacher, grocery uncle, and my father's profession was the butcher's profession. I just wanted more men than women, 'women can't do it'. I think I was a feminist at that age, and that was the way I put it. As time passed, my request did not decrease;Increased.

In our neighborhood, the biggest market I ever saw was opened. I'm nine years old. I want work, they say, "None." I'm not dead, I'm going to school and help. I'm cleaning the shop, planting vegetables and fruits. I carry watermelons in a better way than boys, I carry bags of old people shopping at the market. When they saw that I didn't die, they started to give me the allowance. I worked this way until I finished high school. There's a butcher in the market and I'm always helping him. Boyum does not reach the bench, but I'm helping the town with a thousand games. My friends always asked me for debt because I worked hard and saved money. Since I lent money, the IMF came to Semrah. I took the university exam. I won the accounting department in Çanakkale. But we couldn't go because of our material conditions.

Then a big market was opened in Umraniye. I got a job there. It's a brand with a butcher in it. Like my home market, I'm doing whatever you can think of. But in the meantime, I'm not out of meat. I learned to watch the butcher watch. I know I can handle the kuzu easily. But 'women can not work in the butcher' he does not transfer to that section. Then one day our male butcher didn't come to work. The duty butcher is on duty! Immediately behind the counter, I cut the meat of the customers until the evening. They have allowed me to move to the section, and I'm starting to help the town.

I've been up to chief at the market. I found a job in a butcher shop where 30 male butchers work in Kadıköy. I can't tell you how happy I am! I carry meat, I understand, I understand meat. So the client started demanding me. As a matter of fact, the male persecution began. Male butchers only cut and process meat. Clean up the shop and even give me tea. I'm doing everything. But they're never happy, they want new jobs all the time. My boss is complaining to me when I have to complain. But I'm not. My reputation is growing in the market because I'm crowning the customer. Everyone wants to take the flesh from me.

I transferred to Bağdat Street from Kadıköy. There are famous names. My meat information, my recipes have started to attract attention. I opened an Instagram account under the name 'Kasap Kadın'. All of a sudden, I got the fame, they say! I was one of the tens of thousands people I knew from the market. People started searching for people from Van, İzmir and Diyarbakır and mostly women. I never forget, a family came to visit me from Mersin to Istanbul on holiday. In this sense, I owe a lot to social media. May Allah bless Facebook, the one who invented Instagram. I'm here thanks to social media.

Mithat Erdem, co-founder of Nusr-Et, is a talent scout entrepreneur. He sees my videos and videos on social media. Come to the shop on the street a few times. He takes meat from me, asks questions. Mithat Bey is one of the most knowledgeable names in meat. He's already a partner for the Nusr-Et brand. He also owns the Meat Co chain restaurant in Karaköy, Yeniköy and Etiler. He said to me, "Come and be our chief chef and manager." "I can't, Mithat Bey. I just got my layout right, I have a child I have to take care of." "You are a woman like a lion, you do. It's time to enter the kitchen of the work," he said. He gave me confidence. I said "okay." I've been in the restaurant for two years. I come out at 0600 in the morning and take my diary. I'm here until the end of the evening. I'm serving the meat myself.

Nusret Bey turned steak into a sector. He became the number one in the world with his unique style. But I don't really want to look like anybody. Sometimes the children want me to pour the salt so, "Nusret your brother makes it," I say. A place to come but you can have your own style. I'm not close to big shows about food. The biggest show is the taste of your meat.

I am very happy with my work right now. I am the manager and manager of the restaurants. Life will draw a path, I will look for the post. The customer base of Etiler is very special. They know meat, I tell you what you don't know! Leyla Alaton, Ferda Ulaşoğlu roof came. Leyla Hanım is telling me everywhere. I'm happy as they say, "The meat that's as delicious as Leyla says." I want to work on kids. As a member of the board of directors of the AREV Education Foundation for children in Ardahan, I am very happy to serve the little ones in the name of education. Despite the impossibility of Turkey recently became the first in robotics competitions coding. In winter, they will represent our country in China.

I love my work and the material of my work. Meat is healing for every disease. When consumed correctly meat is health. If you eat meat in the morning breakfast you lose weight. The value added by bone and marrow to food is vitamin and medicine. Cancer, anemia, Alzheimer, influenza, immune weakness, especially for many diseases should be eaten right parts of the meat. For cancer patients, more fat-free, slightly boiled style rear butt should be selected from the meat. Meats in oily sections prevent Alzheimer's disease. You can understand the difference between the children growing up and the children who are not fed. Head cold is a natural antibiotic in cold weather. With a few drops of lemon and vinegar strengthens the strength and strengthens immunity.

I would also know that when a woman told her what she wanted meat for. They know what animal is used and expert butchers are better off. For example, sometimes we have a piece of chop. There can be a wonderful tandoori from where we call it. This means that not every meat is the same. The part where the steak meat comes out. Breast portion of the breast, butt and the portions of the meat according to the portion of the food parts. I asked all my customers who came to buy meat in Kadikoy. Especially men who live alone do not know what kind of meat they will take for food. I would direct all my clients.