The story of Meat-Co Steakhouse; Mithat Erdem, who owns a textile company, is also starting to become a founding partner of Nusr-Et Steakhouse by moving to a different sector. This story continues with Nusr-Et brand, which has been strengthened with the partnership of Doğuş Group, with the idea of ​​creating a brother brand. Our exit point is Yeniköy. We usually go out to the Yeniköy coast where the fish restaurants are located, to add a brand new and different flavor. We offer you the opportunity to taste a wide variety of meat among 100-year-old trees. We opened our first door in Yeniköy in March. We created a place where you can find peace with the sea scent coming from Istanbul, away from the crowds and the chaos of Istanbul. Our goal over time, again in elite regions, boutique meat-co branches to open. In summary, we became the Steakhouse of Yeniköy, this place is more beautiful with you. Enjoy your meal now

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